Foam Fire-Suppression System – 4 Star Digital

For example, houses that are residential are often only using a fire extinguisher in the event of an incident that is small in size. If you have more serious industrial issues, you need a heavy-duty fire suppression system to be equipped to deal with the different kinds of fire hazards that can be found together with computers, kitchens, and large HVAC systems. In this video, we see one example where instead the use of water to put out the fire in the building as the standard method for tackling fires, they utilize foam to put out the fire. This works much better a majority of the time since when it’s an oil fire, water could be a great way to draw attention. Foam works by smothering. In other words, instead drowning the flame, the foam makes it so the fire can’t get any more oxygen. In a small way it’s the reason it is common to see people run from burning structures wearing blankets. If you were to soak your body in water, it could dry out and leave you burned. The thicker material prevents the heat from getting to your skin as long as the blanket remains unburned. wghd8wkunt.

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