How Long Does It Take To Prepare for a Wedding? – The Buy Me Blog

Usually, these aspects of a wedding get planned by mothers or other family members without much input from the wedding couple.

The rehearsal dinner is usually held on the night before a wedding or sometimes even sooner in the daytime, depending on what fits best according to the particular couple’s plans. Because they are time sensitive they are commonplace that bridesmaid dresses are purchased at least 4 months in advance.

In the same way, groomsmen could order their tuxedo rentals around three months in advance of the wedding date because they have to determine if suits are offered in the size they require. Grooms often choose their ties at least two months ahead of the wedding and brides generally select bouquets three weeks ahead of the ceremony.

Invites to guests

The other aspect of determining what time is needed to get ready for the wedding are invitations that typically last around eight weeks. In this period, guests and family are sent invitations at the time of the wedding. To cut down on the amount of time it is recommended that couples work on their guest list well in advance to make sure they invite just a handful of guests. Then, they should send their invites far in advance in order to schedule time off at times the most convenient time to guests. With the invite it is important to include crucial information like the date and time of their wedding, the addresses of where the ceremony will be held, dress codes for men and women along with the URL where guests can find out more about the details of the wedding as well as RSVP details.

During this time, couples will send their formal invitations to those they’re inviting. In order to reduce the time of the event, they should send out invitations in advance, at least two months beforehand, so there is enough time for it to be posted and they do not have many delivery costs. Couples may also think about hiring family or friends to deliver invites/maps to ensure that guests are well informed and do not get lost.


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