What Is It Like in the College Admissions Decision Room? – Quotes About Education


They first divide the 8,000 or more candidates into roughly 30 geographic regions. This part is made easier with the help of colleges admission software. It is read out by two individuals, and the members of the committee vote when it’s complete. They follow an old-fashioned style of voting with raised hands in each case for the candidate.

To decide which applicants they will accept they consider various elements. Although grades are an important component, the committee takes into account extracurricular sports and activities. They also look into whether students possess musical talent, certain interests, and achievements and awards. The admissions staff takes in about 1,000 applicants from an 8,000-strong pool of applicants.

The dean of the school believes that this process isn’t perfect but is slowly improving. Additionally, he believes the procedure is painful because schools aren’t able to take on each prospective student. The majority of students deserve to pursue a degree however only the best candidates gain the final approval.

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