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ng a fire damage. Every aspect from examining the area for a possible solution fix the problem is discussed within the clip. To know more about the process you can watch the whole video.
A boiler malfunction caused a big flood for one of our clients the team during September. There was a huge amount of water damage had already been caused within an hour after the crew being alerted and arriving.
The water soaked through the flooring, walls, and the emergency stairs, causing significant damage to homeowners and staff at the building.
This video shows how the crew started water extraction, moisture mapping, and the recording process as soon they got there. They removed the baseboards and double-layered drywall to physically investigate the presence of water inside the steel stud C Channels. Channels in order to make sure they identified every spot of moisture. Also, they looked for signs of lead, mold and asbestos inside the structure.
Teams worked for many weeks in order to dry 32 floors and to reintroduce homeowners.
To know more about the extent of the fire that damaged the structure, go through the entire video. For more informative content watch the video. 42yp4w7csg.

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