How to Install Hanging Cabinets – Outdoor Family Portraits

This article will demonstrate how to hang cabinets properly.

The first thing to do is to remove the doors and shelves. This will illuminate your kitchen and ease the burden. Remember, many hands make an easy job, even if you’re able to have another person just keeping track of the screws. It is also helpful to lift and hold the cabinets for a while while someone else screws it in.

Next, check that the cabinet is level. Wood pieces that are tapered or shims may be used to level the edges of the cabinet.

After the cabinet is made level, you can put it in the wall. Use 2.5-2in long screws. In order to get the cabinet’s back of your cabinet and across the wall, you will need at least two inches in length of screws.

Do not screw fully in until you’ve got the cabinet level. It may move when you put the screws into their spots.

Then, put the shelves in again as well as attaching the cabinet doors of your kitchen. Follow these steps to assure that you have a proper hang for your kitchen cabinets. Check out the video for more.


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