Common Types of Pipeline Strainers – Technology Radio

The piping you are using. This video will explain various types of strainers than can use in your piping.
Strainer Y-Type

Type Y strainers eliminate foreign matter in your pipelines, and also protect other equipment, like pumps, meters, valves and so on. They are compatible in conjunction with steam, pressure, liquid and gas pipes. They are not suitable for pipelines with upward flow.

Strainer for Basket Strainer

Strainers are able to remove dirt and other objects which you would not like within the fluid. Strainers could catch small items including rings which may have fallen into the water. It is possible to install them in horizontal pipes equipped with high flows.

Duplex Basket Strainer

There is a possibility of purchasing a dual basket strainer. It is made up of two parallel basket strainers with diverting valves to guide the flow of water. This strainer is suitable for chemical as well as abrasive purposes. After the water is gone, the strainer does stop the process of straining through changing the flow of the fluid.

There are various designs for strainers made of pipe, based on the purpose they serve. For more information on strainer design and the different materials they can be created from, visit the link on the video above.


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