Inground Pool Costs – Outdoor Family Portraits

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Inground swimming pools in the United States have an average cost of $39,000. There are four main factors that impact this figure. The primary factors that influence the price of an inground swimming pool arethe place you live, when and how often you use it, in addition to what type of pool you decide to purchase. The reason you live can influence your cost is that different areas of the country are able to supply different materials and subcontractors. A general rule is that warmer climates will have higher prices.

The other factor to consider is when you purchase the pool or during what season. Because there’s more demand the cost of pools is higher during summer. Which kind of pool do you prefer? A vinyl liner pool is usually the most affordable, as concrete or fiberglass swimming pools can be around identical in cost. It is also important to consider how much you will spend over the duration of maintaining your inground pool. Although vinyl pools cost less initially, they’re more expensive to maintain, because the liner will need to be replaced at intervals of five to 10 years.


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