What You Didnt Know About Grease Trap Cleaning – Reference Books Online

The cover of the trap should be placed in the floor. Next, remove the cover using an industrial vacuum system to eliminate all liquids and grease from the trap. This will allow you to refill his bucket using water from the sink.

Once about half the liquid has been taken up through the hose, you are able to use a scraper to scrape off the sides of your grease trap. It is important to be sure to get all of the particles and grease within the trap. It is then possible to take the hose out to wash the trap to a complete extent. As soon as you are able to see the bottom, it’s important to take it off and scrape it clean. There’s a container at the back with an anchor bolt. In order to clean the trap, you need to pour clear water into it. This is the most effective method to wash grease traps. 6f4q6df6oc.

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