Why are Chemical Peels so Popular? – health-SPLASH

the amazing chemical peel. Chemical peels have been in news for some time and patients have raved about the results. Although it might seem easy in the beginning but many would like to know what exactly happens when they undergo a chemical peel prior to setting up an appointment. In this video, we will discuss what chemical treatments are and how to reach your skin goals.

The first step in undergoing a chemical peel includes dermaplaning that is a gentle removal of the hair and the initial layers of cells off the face. Peels are then placed on the skin. A dermatologist might recommend another type of peel based on the skin’s needs. For oily skin, there’s a different method than dry skin, so be sure to mention your goals for skincare that you would like for your skin peel to aid in. The video below shows how an effective chemical peel will produce lasting and visible results.


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