10 Stunning Bathroom Ideas – DIY Projects for Home

You should think about painting your bathroom walls with bright colours if you’re willing to experiment with colour. You can repaint it if your mind changes later. But, bright colours can create a unique and stylish look for your bathroom.

Pick a darker shade like charcoal or navy to give your home an elegant appearance and combine it with white subway tile or marble accents. You can also opt for a vibrant hue like sunshine yellow or emerald. But make sure to ensure that the rest of your decor relatively neutral, so that your space doesn’t appear overwhelmed.

Make sure you choose an option that will stand up to humidity and humidity so that it’s resistant to chipping or peeling as time passes. You don’t have to paint every inch of the area. Try adding an decorative wall. You can add visual interest to your room without spending too much.

3. Go Frameless

One of the best bathroom design ideas is to forgo frames with a shabby-chic look shower doors for a frameless glass shower. It can open up the bathroom, making it feel larger. There are a variety of glass choices you could choose from. This includes:

Clear glass is the best option as it allows you to see your entire shower and provides the bathroom a more open appearance. Glass that is clear is much more porous than tinted or frosted and can show water spots more easily. qkmf3416t5.

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