This is Why Your Plumbing is Turning Green – Great Conversation Starters

It’s not a surprise also. Copper is the most prone metal to rust than the other metals. It is possible to see that copper’s corroding color is green. It’s a common thing you find on older piping. It is also a sign it’s the right the time to replace your piping. Learn more on this video.

Copper corrosion can be resulted from your water’s chemistry. In the presence of a lot of minerals, the water can cause corrosion of the pipes. In addition, the water in the water heater could cause a corrosion to your pipes. It happens because the sacrificial anode rod in the water heater isn’t changed regularly enough. As a result, metal flakes that get into the pipe and then settle onto the copper. It is possible to see corrosion as splotches. To avoid corrosion, plumbers recommend replacement of the anode at intervals of 3 or 5 years. Avoiding problems is usually less expensive than fixing it. Your wallet will thank you in the future.


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