Which Protein Should You Feed Your Dog? – NYC Independent Press

Have you ever had an allergy? Additionally, food is more than just eating. To ensure the right balance, it is essential to understand what amount to give your pet.

Based on the age of your dog, you’ll provide a minimum of 18-29 proteins in your dog’s food. Adult dogs require between 18 and 25 percent protein. However, an emerging puppy needs the equivalent of 29 percent protein. The most popular protein food options to provide your pet include:

Beef Duck Turkey Lamb/Mutton Turkey Rabbit Fish Venison

If you have a pet with allergies to certain proteins, these foods are at a lower risk of creating allergic reactions.

Bison from Duck Elk Pork

It is important to note that certain foods be different depending on your dog, so it’s up for the dog’s owner to feed them to see which one works for them. Try different protein sources every week can provide you an excellent insight. If your dog’s overweight the rabbit, turkey or elk are options to feed to it. They’re all fantastic options for losing weight.


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