HVAC Closed Loop System vs. Open Loop System – College Graduation Rates


A refrigeration circuit and a water process circuit are closely linked. The refrigeration circuit is comprised of four key components: The compressor, the condenser the metering device and the heat exchanger. Pump and heat exchanger form the core components of the process circuit. In an open loop configuration, one or more parts of the circuit not in the circuit. Closed loops include all four components.

If you’re trying to decide whether you should opt for a closed loop or open loop system for your house then it depends on your specific needs as a homeowner. The availability of water is an essential factor to take into account. Since they do not need water closed loop systems, they make sense for homes of all sizes. Also, they are less likely to build up debris that could lead to damage requiring expensive repairs. In any case, it’s essential to ask an HVAC specialist what equipment they believe is the best choice for your needs.


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