Different Type of Roofs You Should Consider for Your Home –

This can be avoided through sealing your tiles. But, the job is best done by a professional. As you can imagine, concrete tiles can be heavy, and not the ideal option for an older home or one that has structural issues.
Windows in the sunroom

Be sure to add any other items that you may have or will add to your home to your roof when you are choosing the type of roofing for your home. Perhaps you are thinking about a sunroom. If yes, it is time to consider an sunroom roofing. Sunroom roofs are complex. Your budget and the structure is the top two concerns.

You do have several options to choose from for this particular roof. These include single-slope roofs that is often referred to as the shed roof. To make construction easier and require less materials this roof is affixed to tall walls. The roof is less expensive. A gable roof can also be an alternative. They have a classic style that allows for better breathing. Consider the glass roofing option to take in the view of the open space. You can let more light into.

Wood Roofing

A roof made of wood can be a fantastic option taking into consideration the many different kinds of roofing options you have. The wood roof is a fantastic alternative for Tudor craftsman, Craftsman and Cape Cod homes. As it ages, wood roofs turn to be a sandy brown shade to a silvery-colored hue. The wood roof replacement lasts up 50 years or more, particularly in the dry season. Roofs of wood with fire risk should be treated. If the climate is humid roofing made of wood need to be replaced more frequently. It is possible for water to cause irreparable damage to roofs made of wood. Redwood, cedar and pine are the most common wood types. This wood keeps insects away.

In terms of wood alternatives, cedar shaker roofing is the most popular. The cost is about $5-$13 for each square foot. Shaker wood comes in an oval shape that makes the wood look more natural and rough. Shaker wood can be more expensive to install. The wood is


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