Steps You Should Take Before Filing for Divorce – Wired Parish Legal Newsletter

In the event that you don’t know what the real story is, it’s feasible to get divorced without your agreement. There are many online searches that say that “my husband filed for divorce.” These circumstances can present particular challenges when trying to divorce your husband. Lawyers for divorce are educated to negotiate with both parties in negotiating a settlement.

In reality, divorce on one side can be a possibility. The other person often just has to say that you are facing irreconcilable conflicts or differences. In many cases it’s the decision of the court to end the marriage for this reason. A party isn’t required to be in agreement with the decision. This may or may not exactly how one imagines divorce. But, depending on your particular divorce scenario might not turn out that way.

Your marital and financial situations should be discussed with your attorney. Even if the outcome is imperfect, it can be more beneficial to speak with a knowledgeable divorce attorney after the process has begun.


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