Can I Have More Than One Roth IRA? – Asia Travel Blog

You will only have limited income once you retire. Be prepared to help you to live well and not have to make huge life changes. One method to achieve this is making IRAs. An IRA or Roth IRA is an account that lets you contribute money to retirement accounts tax-free. This video will show you how you can open several IRA accounts, as well as all the crucial specifics.

According to the video the rules, it is possible to have multiple Roth IRA account. There is no reason to not open the number you’d like. However many accounts you have, your max contribution can’t surpass the sum of all accounts. So, for instance, if you’re a recipient of a annual $5,500 contribution limit, then the maximum amount that you can contribute to multiple accounts is not over $5,500. So, even if you have multiple accounts, the contribution limit per account will not change. 9wtdne2y3y.

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