Get More with Benjamin Moore – 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Painting Technique – DIY Home Decor Ideas

The “Cutting into” process is absolutely perfect.
A poor cutting technique can result in unbalanced edges and crooked lines. Watch the video to see the way Benjamin Moore suggests cutting in your artwork.

Check that your roller is filled with paint.
It can be difficult to determine the correct amount of paint for the roller you are using. Benjamin Moore has a fantastic method for repairing mistakes.

Do a touch-up at the ceiling
The best time to clean off any paint splatters is as long as it’s still moist. Sometime, though, it can be impossible. Re-painting your ceiling can be the most effective option for these scenarios. Benjamin Moore has a wonderful range of ceiling paints.

Prime Your Walls
Primer is the ideal base coat to safeguard you Benjamin Moore paints.

Tape With Care
In order to ensure that the adhesive seals effectively and isn’t leaking, make sure you carefully cover the edges. The video below offers great tips for guaranteeing a crisp edge.

This video will show you how you can get the most from Benjamin Moore’s interior paints. zrbtmk3ptr.

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