Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget – Everlasting Memories

Planning an outdoor wedding on a budget You can hire them for one-half time (8 hours) or for a whole time (12-14hrs). states that professional photographers can be hired in less time which can result in couples saving around $700.
Utilize Nature

Look into a venue which doesn’t require a lot of decoration to cut costs on purchasing or hiring decorative elements. An event with a lawn that’s regularly kept in good condition can provide attractive elements. You can mix with your arrangements the hemp flower to create a classy but rustic appearance.

To create a bohemian vibe You can make use of old spirit and wine bottles. You can also find outdoor spaces at reasonable costs, since they don’t have huge rental costs. It’s important to make sure that the site is fitted with landscaping insect control, weed control, and any permits.

Use the Unique Talents That Your friends have

If you have a friend who has a talent as a disc jockey, musician or photographer, it could be a great resource when you are planning an outdoor wedding that is on a budget. Your friends are likely to actually feel honored to be entrusted with one of the essential aspects of your wedding day, such as photography. They’ll try their best to make sure that you experience the most enjoyable wedding experience.

Locate a venue for your wedding outdoors which does not need a corkage

Alcohol and soft drinks are the biggest expenses at weddings. So that if you control the cost of each bottle, you will be able to significantly reduce your expenditures. Certain places permit you to bring your own drink, while other don’t. They’ll mark up your soft drink and alcohol. If you notice signs that read “no corkage” indication, you’ll know that the venue permits BYOB.

You can have your Wedding Ceremony and Reception on The Same Venue

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