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jaw surgery and periodontal grafts.

What are the advantages to the services of a dental surgeon?

Dentists suggest it when patients have the following:

* Very broken teeth
* Tooth decay can result in serious issues
* Dentures that are impacted
* Gum disease
* Dentures missing
* Bone loss on the jaw
* Oral cancer
* Sleep anapnea

Different types of oral surgery

The following are some of the dental surgeries that can be performed.

* Dental Bone Graft

If you notice bone loss in the jaw the procedure is necessary.

* Extraction of teeth

This is a very frequent type of oral surgery which is required for patients suffering from teeth that are severely decayed.

* Dental Implants

This procedure is trusted. The procedure is long-lasting and provides complete replacements for your teeth.

* Periodontal surgery

A dentist would suggest this method if you suffer from moderate to severe periodontitis.

* Sleep Apnea surgery

The tissues on the back or side of your throat can impair your airway.

* Corrective jaw surgery

Also known as orthognathic or orthognathic surgery. It addresses the Jawbone problems caused by skeletal issues. f75e9cb4yq.

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