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The procedure is carried out by both maxillofacial as well as oral dentists as they’re two distinct fields that can help you achieve the perfect smile.

Jaw Surgery

In realigning jaws and teeth, jaw surgery is common. An orthodontist may have a difficult time fixing the jaw issue. An oral surgeon could. The aim of this procedure is to create you a perfect smile and allow patients to complete basic activities like swallowing, chewing, and even speaking. Under anesthesia, correctional jaw surgery is more difficult and carried out at hospitals. Overall, the result is an improved smile and boosted confidence.

Apart from cosmetic dentistry, there are many other methods you can achieve your smile without undergoing surgery. If you’re suffering from dental malalignment, some possibilities you have are;


Braces can solve numerous issues with misaligned teeth. Tooth that are crooked or overcrowded can create self-consciousness and not smile. There are various styles of braces that you have the option to choose from, depending upon the recommendations of your orthodontist. There are some who do not want their braces to be noticeable, so ceramic braces or lingual braces are the best option. Keep in mind that braces require additional maintenance in regards to brushing, flossing, as well as the foods you consume. You need to consult your dentist regarding what kinds of food items you’re allowed to consume to achieve optimum result.


Retainers are suggested for minor dental issues such as gaps in teeth. They are the most efficient when they are worn with braces. Braces will keep your teeth in place until the time you get permanent braces.

How to Take Care of Your Smile

How do I achieve a flawless smile? You have done the surgery and are now trying to maintain that perfect smile. You must take good care of your smile. To ensure that your smile is shining, you must take proper care of your oral well-being. dzqy62ofb6.

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