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The overview here is both informative and brief, which provides you with all the relevant details. Article one, Section 2 declared that direct taxes are not possible unless they are precisely proportioned. Population results in the amount of taxes that are paid. In the beginning, income tax was not paid for the initial 100 years of human history. The government collected its revenue through tariffs and other fines. A mere 10% of people paid tax on income. In the popular movements, it was all about getting rid of the rich. Allowing for the implementation of taxes was not easy for Americans. At first, tax was paid only by millionaires. It was around 1% of the population. If you were that rich then you’d want to avoid taxes. Taxpayers who were most likely to pay were the higher middle class citizens. The need for more money came from the government. It was essential to pass laws. In 1940 the nation experienced a huge flooding of the Treasury as many believed that it was their duty to contribute to taxes. It was a time when people were less inclined to taxes following World War II. This was because of a drastic change in ideals after the war. 695vy3x9ut.

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