Clean Your Skin With Banana Powder Mix – Healthy Family Recipes

The powder is sometimes referred to as banana setting powder. It’s employed to help set your makeup before applying it. Ben Nye made this powder very popular with his line of makeup for performance stage. This loose powder is made of yellow and absorbed oil. It is also used to conceal dark circles as well as other skin imperfections. Jennifer affirms that the product performs well with dark to medium tones of skin. It is used for concealing dark circles and to brighten her face.

Jennifer produces banana powder by using the mixture of banana powder as well as regular white powder. With the back of a Kleenex her, she sprinkles shimmering powder on top, and blends them. Apply a makeup sponge spread the powder. She then applies the powder under and around her eyes before applying it on the sides of the nose and on her chin. The skin appears more organic and more warm with the mix of banana powder. In the past it’s become one of the top cosmetic products. k6gd8hll6v.

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