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Implants for Ir clients

The first step in this two-step procedure is that the dentist lifts the flap to expose the bone. After that, the dentist will prepare the bone to be used for fixtures.

When the fixture is inserted into the hole, the surgeon will then cover it using screw. A cover screw covers all of the opening on the implant, and is very thin. The physician repositions and repositions his flap over the implant and stitches the flap into position.

The patient is then required to wait a certain duration of healing. Once the healing time is up and the patient is healed, the dentist takes off the flap and the cover screw and replaces it with a cap to heal.

The patient then places tissues on top of the healing cap and then allows the region to be healed. The patient then needs to rest for a set period of healing.

The dentist then removes the cap, and replaces it with the base of the crown and crown. The result is a authentic implant which helps to support the individual’s bite.

Implants are a fantastic alternative for patients who lost their teeth because of injuries or illnesses. For more information, call your dentist immediately!


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